Eco-Focused Winery Selects the Sustainable TITAN MBR™

Recognized as authorities of bio-dynamic farming techniques and sustainable winemaking in France, family owners of a particular Sonoma County winery sought to utilize eco-friendly practices also in their California vineyards. After purchasing the winery in 2004, the family ownership began overhauling their vineyards and overall winery operation to revitalize every aspect of the winery, from soil to wine making.

As part of the overhaul, the winery added a visitor’s tasting room, organic garden, picnic area and recreational area complete with horseshoe pits. Therefore precious winery space for a new wastewater treatment system was limited despite the increase in winery activity. The original treatment scheme originally discharged to a leach field.

To meet the tight space and the mandate for sustainable practice, its ownership group and consulting engineer selected superior TITAN MBR™ membrane system technology. With Smith & Loveless’ proven experience in winery wastewater combined with the sleek TITAN MBR™ design, a compact system was designed to produce highquality effluent from the high-strength winery wastewater capable for secondary use purposes around the facility and partial discharge to the original leach field and drip irrigation system.

Application: Winery, Sonoma Co., CA
Product: TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bioreactor System
Requirement: High Quality Effluent, Water Reuse/Reclamation
Avg. Flow: 5,000 GPD (19 CMD)
Influent BOD: 7,700 mg/L
Influent TSS: 1,000 mg/L
Effluent BOD/TSS: Less than 5 mg/L
Dimensions: 60' x 12' (18.3m x 3.7m)


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