Field Erection

Save time, money & trouble with S&L Field Erection Services.

Smith & Loveless offers complete field-erection and installation of its complete range of wastewater treatment and pumping systems.

Smith & Loveless is no stranger to building on-site. With more than 500 field-erection installations to its credit, Smith & Loveless knows how to get the job done right — at the right price.

Smith & Loveless’ field subcontractors are proven, skilled technicians, familiar with the intricacies of Smith & Loveless equipment. They also are experienced in working with other contractors at the same site. This level of expertise translates into minimal installation problems and on-time project completion. S&L field erection saves money with streamlined factory-to-field communication.


Supervisory Package
Smith & Loveless personnel can provide supervisors to coordinate the work of subcontractors whom you choose — ideal for areas in which minimal field assembly work is required or overseas.

Field Installation Services Package
Smith & Loveless can provide trained supervisors and experienced work crews for total field-installation. Reliable, proven technicians perform Smith & Loveless field installation services.

Start-Up Package
Smith & Loveless personnel can assist with system start-up procedures once the unit is installed. No one knows system better than Smith & Loveless. Rely on Smith & Loveless’ trained staff for quality field-erection, installation and startup.



Installation Accuracy
With technicians experienced in the intricacies of the equipment, S&L offers a more accurate installation than third-parties.

Factory-to-Field Communication
Direct factory-to-field communication ensures a smoother, more timely project completion.

Timely Project Completion
The experience of S&L Field Erection technicians translates into minimal installation problems and on-time project completion.

Single-Source Responsibility
Handling all aspects of production, S&L is the only party wholly responsible for the proper installation & operation of your system.

Workplace Safety Emphasis
S&L’s emphasis on thorough personal training and job-site safety is demonstrated by its excellent safety record for field erections.

Lower Overall Costs
Because we bring many advantages to the installation process, we can offer our services at a lower price than independent contractors.


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