Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

Smith & Loveless knows water. Backed by 75 years experience and an integrated network of specialists and affiliated companies, our diverse team of engineers, manufactures and services specialized water systems that deliver performance and value to our clients. 

Sand Removal

Applied successfully in thousands of water and sewage treatment schemes on all continents, the PISTA® Sand Removal Chamber serves as the efficient choice for sand removal at water treatment plant intakes.

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Ion Exchange Systems

DI-SEP® Ion Exchange Systems by Smith & Loveless handle a variety of industrial water treatment needs, including softening, deionization, and dealkalizers. Systems are tailored to meet customer requirements. 

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Water Treatment Plants

Smith & Loveless packaged water treatment plants integrate particular process steps like aeration, coagulation, oxidation, flocculation and sedimentation to provide onsite treatment of groundwater or freshwater supplies. 

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Filtration Systems

S&L offers filtration and membrane system solutions for both potable and commercial process water applications. Our long-time affiliation with global partner and separation specialists Kalsep UK Ltd. enables us to deliver innovative but cost-effective systems to the world market. 

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