Retrofit Your Water and Wastewater Equipment



Smith & Loveless can retrofit your existing equipment to the latest technology or rehab your equipment to operate like new.  We retrofit pumps and rotating assemblies, grit removal systems, treatment equipment, controls & systems and provide complete pump station upgrades, by S&L or others.


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Pumps & Rotating Assemblies

Sometimes a 20-30 year-old pump station that's running perfectly still requires an upgrade due to increased flow to the station.   Let the S&L After Market department increase your flows and maximize efficiency!

Pump Station Upgrades

If you operate one of the thousands of S&L above grade stations, we can provide a new baseplate, piping and hood - simply reuse the rotating assemblies and control panel. You'll be back to pumping in no time!

Headworks Retrofits

S&L takes pride in building durable wastewater equipment, and many of our grit removal systems are still running decades later.  Retrofit your system to the latest technology to maximimze grit removal efficiency.

Treatment System Rehabilitation

Decades of service, weather and inefficient grit removal by non-S&L grit removal systems can all lead to wear on your treatment systems.  Let S&L get your plant back up to speed with our retrofit package.

Retrofit Controls & Accessories

S&L can fix your wastewater system with basic PLC controls or upgrade to state-of-the-art touch-screen displays.  Of course, we have all the accessories that will help you take control as an operator.

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