S&L Divisions

Smith & Loveless serves a complete range of municipal, private development, onsite, military and industrial/commercial markets. Our organization’s five sales divisions are structured to meet particular markets and product needs. These divisions include: Municipal, Industrial, International, Retrofit and Parts.

Municipal Division

The Municipal Products & Systems Division tackles water and wastewater treatment and pumping applications common to municipal and rural life, including centralized and decentralized concerns. Our typical market applications include:

  • Municipal treatment plants and utilities
  • Municipal collection systems
  • Rural water utilities
  • Private development, including housing developments, shopping centers, and office parks
  • Common city facilities like schools, hospitals, and office parks
  • Recreational facilities like state parks, golf courses, campgrounds and 
  • Small commercial facilities like hotels and restaurants
  • Onsite applications

Fax: 913-888-1017

Industrial Division

S&L Industrial handles virtually any range of industry and federal/military applications, including:

  • Large and small private industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy sectors, including oil/gas, ethanol, and power generation
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Agribusiness, commercial farming, and aquaculture
  • Federal government, including national parks, superfund sites, and executive branch departments
  • Military
  • Copper, mining and electrolyte filtration
  • Pulp and paper

Fax: 913-888-1017

International Division

With installations in more than 70 nations on all seven continents, Smith & Loveless maintains a truly global scope. The International Division handles both public works and industrial/commercial type applications for virtually all kinds of projects originating outside of the contiguous 48 states. 

Fax: 913-888-1017

Parts Division

With decades of Pumping, Headworks and Treatment installations all over the world, Smith & Loveless is committed to having the part you need even before you need it!  We're here to assist should you need that emergency part to get your system back up and running.

Contact S&L Parts toll-free at 800-922-9048 or online at parts@smithandloveless.com.

Fax: 913-748-0106

Retrofit Division

With today's lean budgets, many of our customers find cost-effective ways to retrofit their existing equipment. S&L's Retrofit Division maintains thorough records of installations going back to S&L's earliest days, so we are ready to upgrade your system to the latest technology.

Contact S&L Retrofit:  913-888-5201 ext. 602 or at retrofit@smithandloveless.com

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