Headworks Equipment for Efficient Screening and Vortex Grit Removal







Complete INNOVATIVE Screening and Vortex Grit Removal System Technologies

Smith & Loveless’ headworks systems complete unique screening technologies and vortex grit removal systems benefit from our on-going commitment to product research and development, which leads to continued system innovations. Since the introduction of the original vortex PISTA® Grit Chamber in the early 1970s all the way thru to S&L's acquisition of SCHLOSS® Engineered Equipment in 2015 -- and followed by on-going new product innovation -- no company in the water industry brings more headworks solutions to the market than S&L. This innovation and experience make S&L equipment among the industry’s most specified systems today from new equipment to complete retrofit solutions. S&L offers individual equipment selections to complete packaged solutions. 

Smith & Loveless' strong reputation in headworks has centered on the PISTA® Grit Removal System line development, which now includes seven different grit chamber technologies offering removal efficiencies tailored for your application, complete grit handling equipment featuring S&L Turbo Grit Pumps, and complete grit  washing and dewatering technologies. Complementing these technologies are S&L QUICKSMART™ Touchscreen PLC Controls and product support from pre-design all the way through to installation and post-installation after market service. Our latest grit removal system innovation, PISTA® INVORSOR® introduced in April 2022, becomes the new standard in ultra-fine grit removal: 95% of 75-micron particle grit capture across all flows: low-flow, average flow, and peak flow conditions without derating. 


Elevate your grit removal processes with the revolutionary PISTA® INVORSOR®, meticulously crafted through extensive CFD modeling and rigorous field testing. This patent-pending solution combines inclined plates for enhanced settling and a hydraulic forced vortex, achieving unparalleled ULTRA-FINE grit removal efficiency down to a 75-micron particle size across all flows, without derating. Compared to alternative systems, the INVORSOR® offers cost-effectiveness, larger capacity, versatile design options, and an impressive surface area-to-volume ratio for consistent fine grit capture in diverse flow conditions—handling up to 50 MGD in single units [190,000 m3/d]. Experience the pinnacle of grit removal technology for optimal operational and economic benefits.

          Across all Flows. Never Derated.


Smith & Loveless is the proud leader in grit removal system R&D, and we invite you to visit our Grit Removal Research Center at our headquarters. Schedule your tour today to learn more about how we approach advanced grit removal.

95% Grit Removal Efficiency

@ All Flows with Only One Technology

12 grit test reports reveal the PISTA® Grit Removal System removes 95% of grit at all flows.

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