OXIGEST® MBR Wastewater Treatment System

Smith & Loveless combines the proven field-erected OXIGEST® treatment system with integral TITAN MBR™ Membranes for large-flow and/or high BOD applications with stringent effluent requirements. The OXIGEST® MBR design encompasses membrane aeration zones with anoxic zones, flow equalization and sludge storage to offer advanced treatment in concentric tankage. The integral membranes eliminate the traditional clarifier, allowing more process zone flexibility to meet the specific treatment needs. These unit processes can be individually monitored and controlled. The concentric tankage maximizes space efficiency in its footprint, thereby preserving precious facility land for other key plant operations.

Systems can be designed for nutrient removal, water reuse and direct or indirect discharge. The OXIGEST® MBR is equipped with high performance components that offer advanced process control and automation throughout the plant’s operation.  The OXIGEST® MBR is a complete membrane bioreactor in one complete system, offering treatment for flows up to 5 MGD. 

Flows0.1 MGD - 5 MGD per unit (380 cmd - 18,925 cmd )
ModelsField-Erected Steel, Concrete
DesignMultiple treatment processes and options
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  • Flexible application for nearly any kind of sanitary and process wastewater flow
  • Tailor to meet stringent effluent requirements including for water reuse and BNR
  • Adaptable for large capacities and high strength wastes
  • Concentric tankage minimizes footprint while reducing/eliminating ancillary yard piping and pumping
  • Start-Up: All systems come with start-up by a Smith & Loveless Field Service Engineer
  • Design/Build Solutions: Smith & Loveless offers erection and other installation services for all field-erected plants
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