SCHLOSS® Mark XV-A™ Fine Screw Screen

Designed for smaller in-channel flows, the S&L SCHLOSS® Mark XV-A™ cost-effectively achieves superior fine screening. Its robust design combines an inclined, stationary screen basket with a conveying screw featuring an outer spiral brush for cleaning. The screen basket incorporates perforated sheet (recommended) or wedge wire screening, while the higher efficiency shafted screw design provides increased durability and service life when compared to imported, shaftless designs. Screenings are washed and dewatered uniquely in a trouble-free plug-type compaction zone.

Built in the USA, the S&L SCHLOSS® way of design emphasizes the optimal materials of construction to reduce stress cycling and fatigue while guarding against jamming.

Flowup to 13 MGD (570 lps)
SizingStandard or Custom
ChannelUp to approximately 34" (1219 mm)
Openings.04" and larger (1 mm)
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  • Fine screening system designed for flows up to 12 mgd (525 lps), depending on openings
  • Perforated screen basket design for high capture
  • Inclined 35º to maximize screening area while minimzing head loss through the system
  • Screen basket cleaning provided by reliable brush design
  • Durable material options, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloy material options

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