SCHLOSS® Mark XV-C™ Fine Screw Screen

Reduce solids, scum and waste disposal costs with the S&L SCHLOSS® Mark XV-C™ Fine Screw Screen system. Designed for larger in-channel flows, the Mark XV-C™ cost-effectively achieves fine screening through a robust design that combines a cylindrical screen basket with internal rotating rake arm, brush cleaning, and shafted screw conveyor. The unique S&L SCHLOSS® screen basket design eliminates the potential for bar breakage from problem solids like broken glass and gravel.

Removed solids are washed and dewatered, and they can be compacted and optionally bagged.

FlowUp to 25 MGD (1,100 lps)
SizingStandard or Custom
ChannelMin. 2' and larger (610 mm)
Openings.04" and larger (1 mm)
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1)  Rotating Rake Arm
Moves fine solids built up in the openings of the screening basket to screw.
2)  Screening Basket
Wedge-wire basket design with reliable, trouble-free brush cleaning.
3)  Shafted Screw
Transports the removed fine solids for washing, dewatering and disposal.
4)  Washing / Dewatering
Solids material washed and dewatered to reduce odors and water content.
5)  Compactor (optional)
Solids can be compacted up to 50% to reduce related disposal costs.
6)  Bagging (optional)
Solids can be bagged to further reduce odor and simplify disposal
7)  Weather Protection (optional, not pictured)
Weather protection is available for colder climates, including various heating and insulation options.


SCHLOSS® Mark XV-C™ Fine Screw Screen
  • Fine screening designed for larger flows up to 25 mgd (1100 lps)
  • Wedgewire (or perforated) drum design with 1mm and larger clear openings for high capture
  • Inclined 35º to maximize screening area while minimzing head loss through the system
  • Drum cleaning provided by reliable S&L SCHLOSS® brush design
  • Durable material options, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloy material options

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