PISTA® Sand Removal System

Applied successfully in thousands of water and sewage treatment schemes on all continents, the PISTA® Sand Removal Chamber serves as the efficient choice for sand removal at water treatment plant intakes. In many conventional arrangements, large sedimentation basins require significant space and additional chemical usage to help maintain proper settling. The PISTA® Sand Removal Chamber significantly lessens space requirements, while removing 95 percent of river and surface water intake particles from 300+ microns down to 100 microns. The technology is proven in more than 2,700+ Installations, including for Water Treatment Plants.

ModelMax Flow U.S. (Metric)
0.5B0.5 MGD (1,892 cmd)
1.0B1.0 MGD (3,785 cmd)
2.5B2.5 MGD (9,465 cmd)
4.0B4.0 MGD (15,140 cmd)
7.0B7.0 MGD (26,495 cmd)
12.0B12.0 MGD (45,420 cmd)
20.0B20.0 MGD (75,700 cmd)
30.0B30.0 MGD (113,550 cmd)
50.0B50.0 MGD (189,250 cmd)
70.0B70.0 MGD (265,000 cmd)
100.0B100.0 MGD (378,500 cmd)
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• Smaller Footprint Than Conventional Settling Tanks

• Lowest Total Installed and Energy / Utility Costs Compared to Others

• S&L Offers Unequaled Innovation, Experience & R&D in Sand / Grit Removal Technologies with more than 2,700 Installations Globally and 40+ Years of Product Development

Key Cost Saving Benefits

# of Units Required
The wider 10:1 turndown can reduce the number of units required, reducing capital costs up to 75%.

Installation Factors
Forced vortex chamber design requires significantly less concrete than conventional and stacked tray systems — as much as 85%.

Flow Control Requirements
PISTA® systems minimize headloss and can eliminate the need for downstream level control devices.

Superior Sand Removal Efficiency
PISTA® provides 95% sand removal to extend life of downstream equipment and eliminate the need to remove accumulated sand.

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