PISTA® Grit Screw Conveyor

The second-stage PISTA® Grit Screw Conveyor is designed to work in concert with the complete PISTA® Grit Removal System, providing superb dewatering and high retention of fine grit without the burden of high maintenance. The lamella plate design aids in the retention of fine grit while reducing turbulence and overflow. Dewatered grit discharges into container for disposal while the flow and residual organics are returned to the inlet channel prior to the grit chamber.

The PISTA® Grit Screw Conveyor is available in 2 sizes: Model 15 & Model 17.

Flows:250 GPM (16 lps) and 500 GPM (32 lps) - Receives underflow from grit concentrator (HydroCyclone)
Design:Shafted screw
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