Grit Washing & Dewatering

S&L grit washers and dewatering systems provide superb dewatering and high retention of fine grit without the burden of high maintenance.

Flows250 GPM (16 lps) and 500 GPM (32 lps)
Removal % 95% down to 140 mesh (105 µ)
Washed Grit3-5% putrescible organic material in washed grit
Water ContentLess than 10% water content in washed grit
DesignShafted screw w/ triple washing action
Flows:250 GPM (16 lps) and 500 GPM (32 lps) - Receives underflow from grit concentrator (HydroCyclone)
Design:Shafted screw
Flowsup to 4,800 GPM (302 lps)
DesignShafted screw
Flows250 GPM (16 lps) and 500 GPM (32 lps)
DesignNi-Hard / Polyurethane Blend
FlowsUp to 250 GPM (16 lps)
DesignNi-Hard Cast

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