Naval LEED Project Includes TITAN MBR™ for Water Reuse

CASE STUDY: Treatment Systems

When the U.S. Navy’s Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) new barracks to serve 106 sailors at the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, San Clemente Island, Ca. (SCI), it heavily emphasized the use of innovative construction practices and sustainable technologies. NAVFAC designed the two buildings to be the first permanent modular barracks in the Navy. This type of design not only reduced the logistical challenges of construction on an offshore island, but also allowed for improved quality control and sustainability. The latter is fundamental for achieving the project’s planned LEED Gold certification.

To further meet LEED standards and reduce water usage and hauling, NAVFAC specified a 30,000 GPD pre-engineered TITAN MBR™ wastewater treatment system provided by Smith & Loveless.


The solution was S&L's TITAN MBR™ Treatment System.  To continue with this case study, please complete the form at right.


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