MBBR-iFAS Packaged Treatment Systems

Smith & Loveless developed the packaged treatment concept more than 60 years ago, and continues to develop innovative system designs tailored to meet these essential goals: (1) deliver systems that meet or exceed customer effluent requirements (2) deliver systems that maximize the ease and cost of installation, operation and maintenance (3) minimize footprint requirements.

S&L MBBR-iFAS fixed-film (attached growth) packaged treatment systems meet all three of these goals. S&L packaged MBBR-iFAS systems provide all of the advantages of a conventional MBBR or iFAS system, in a prefabricated tank package. Designed to essentially “plug & play”, the technology is easy to install for customers with urgent and specific treatment system needs, and it reduces the tank size and footprint.

To achieve specific effluent and/or smaller footprint requirements for individual municipal and industrial-commercial application, Smith & Loveless treatment systems are converted to MBBR-iFAS and may be combined with proprietary S&L process zones and equipment components, including:


In-Tank Processes:

  • MBBR
  • iFAS
  • S&L AOAO and Bio-P Multi-Stage Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Zones
    • Nitrification / Denitrification
    • Phosphorous Removal
    • Various Aerobic, Anoxic and Anaerobic Zone combinations
  • Flow Equalization, Sludge Storage


  • S&L Clarifiers
    (Hopper-style and stand-alone circular tankage / standard and flocculating)
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • DGF Tertiary Filtration
    (Integral or stand-alone tankage)
  • Disinfection (UV or Chlorination)
  • Dissolved Air Flotation


Benefits vs Conventional Biological Treatment Systems:

  • Reduced footprint
  • Incremental capacity within the same basin by adding more media
    (e.g. fill the basin from 30% (by volume) in stage 1 to 50% in stage 2)
  • Enhanced process stability
  • Better handling of variations in flow, temperature, and other influent quality
  • Resistant to shock loads


Typical Flow Schemes

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