Smith & Loveless Pumping Stations

Smith & Loveless Pumping Stations:  Safe & Efficient for 70 Years

Smith & Loveless Pumping Stations offer robust construction, efficient performance, long service life, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. And when you factor installation, the superior wire-to-water efficiencies of the S&L Non-Clog Pump, and the significant maintenance savings from the safest lift station access, you will choose the life-changing Wet Well Mounted Pump Station approach from Smith & Loveless. 

Why Switch from Submersibles to Smith & Loveless Pumping Stations?

EVERLAST™ Pump Stations

EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations are S&L's premier line of above-ground pump stations offering many operational advantages, including the safest O&M, longest service life and lowest total cost of operation.

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Underground Pump Stations

S&L Underground Pump Stations offer safe operator access, spacious interiors designed for continuous human occupancy, and oversized non-clog pumps providing efficient performance up to 20,000 GPM (1,380 lps)

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Pumps & Components

Smith & Loveless Pumps are the heart of Smith & Loveless Pump Stations. With its industry-superior components and construction, it was the first pump designed specifically for wastewater transfer.

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Controls & Accessories

Smith & Loveless offers advanced touchscreen PLC and standard relay logic control options for new pump stations and retrofit projects. All control systems are programmed and tested in the factory and at start-up.

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Pumping Retrofits

The Smith & Loveless After Market Division can help you upgrade your pump stations and get them running at their highest efficiences.  

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Pump Schools

Want to learn more about the operation and maintenance of your Smith & Loveless pump stations?  Look for one of our S&L Pump Schools coming to a town near you!

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