QuickSmart™ Pump Station Controls

Delivering simplified operation yet powerful pump station control, QUICKSMART™ Station Controls provide unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your pump station functions. The easy to use, intuitive layout makes control modifications, screen navigation and viewing of pump station status easier than ever, with screen function buttons and a status bar accessible from every screen. Added features take station controller functionality to new levels. It includes a new maintenance log feature, which displays periodic recommended operation / maintenance instructions and makes lubrication suggestions based on actual pump run times, as well as an improved help/troubleshooting support and a new I/O Status screen that displays both digital and analog I/O status.

Main Features

  • PLC Station Control
  • Alarm Management
  • Wet Well Level Simulation
  • Prime Mode Selection
  • Help / Troubleshooting Info
  • Graphical Pump Notifications
  • English / Spanish Languages

Function Controls

  • Pump On / Off Levels
  • Alarms (Display / Acknowledgement)
  • Wet Well Level Simulator
  • Environmental System Set Points
  • Pump Run Time Meters
  • Two Priming System Modes
  • Maintenance Reminders
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  • Graphical Pump Running Indication
  • Lead Pump Indication
  • General Alarm Indication
  • Individual Alarm Messages for Each Alarm Function (w/ Time and Date)
  • Alarm Logging, Coded for “Time” active or “Return Time” time cleared -
    Last 500 Events
  • Alarm Reset
  • Digital Indication of Air Temperature
  • Digital and Graphical Indication of Wet Well Level
  • Graphical Indication of Prime or Pump Failure
  • Digital Indication of Elapsed Run Time for Each Pump
  • Digital Indication of Elapsed Run Time for Parallel Pump Operation
  • Digital Indication of Level Control and Alarm Settings
  • Date & Time Indication, with Set Time Functionality
  • Heater/Cooling Fan Running Indication
  • “Help” Screens
  • Wet Well Level Simulation
  • Force Main / Wet Well Cleaning (Automatic or Manual)
  • Prime Mode Selection (CONSTANT PRIME™/ On-Demand Prime)
  • Vacuum Release
  • Pump Overload Trip Alarm
  • I/O Status for the Controller’s Digital and Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Maintenance Log
  • (Service Notification, and Individual Pump Notification Messages)
  • Spanish Language Mode
  • Reset Function:
    • - Running Time Meters
    • - Alarms
    • - Maintenance
  • Set Points:
    • - Wet Well Levels(Factory Default and Field Default)
    • - Alarm Levels
    • - Heater Operation
    • - Cooling Fan Operation
    • - Average Prime Time / Day
    • - Vacuum Release
    • - Prime Sensor Cleaning
    • - Force Main / Wet Well Cleaning
  • Alternation Modes:
    • - Sequenced or Timed Pump Alternation
    • - User-Defined Time Intervals
    • - Lead Pump / Lag Pump Designation

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