Customer Stories

Why One Hospital Switched from Submersbile Pumps to S&L Pump Stations

The Challenge

Tough-to-access submersible pumps complicated life and increased costs for maintenance workers at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, United Kingdom.

S&L's First Pump Station Still Pumping Strong After 65 Years

The name Smith & Loveless is synonymous with wastewater pump stations. After all, since opening its doors in 1946, S&L has shipped more than one pump station per day during its storied history. But volume doesn't just tell the story.

MO Town Discovers S&L Pump Stations "Run... Forever"

When Donald Gilpin thinks about how easy his Smith & Loveless pump stations are to maintain, he is unfortunately reminded of a more problematic time in the past when his town was saddled by submersibles.

S&L's X-PELLER® Solves Clogging Problems for CA Resort Town

The main culprit causing regular pump clogs in the year-round resort community of Big Bear City, Ca. is one that is seen way too often at collection systems across the nation: consumer flushables.

Perryville, MO Enjoys Safe, Above-Grade Pumping with Smith & Loveless

This City of Perryville, MO appreciates the above grade pumping approach provided by Smith & Loveless. From safety, to efficiency and performance, the Wet Well Mounted Pump Station is the preferred pump station in this Missouri town.

Scarborough, ME Wastewater Operators Discuss Ease of S&L Pump Stations

The sanitary district at Scarborough, ME appreciate S&L pump stations for their ease of use, safety and reliable service.

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