Customer Stories

Lift Station Project Receives Immediate Design-Build Recognition

Hazelwood West High School, located in north St. Louis County, serves approximately 2,400 students with approximately 300 faculty and staff.

Above Ground Pumping Revolutionizes Texas School District’s Operations

For most small to medium-sized operations groups like Klein Independent School District in the suburbs of Houston, the conventional choice of submersible wastewater pumps holds little wisdom.

Standardized Lift Station Plan Embraces Packaged Concept for Operational and Cost-Saving Benefits

“We knew our biggest problem was (our) lift stations, we just didn’t know exactly what to do about it.”

Why One Hospital Switched from Submersbile Pumps to S&L Pump Stations

The Challenge

Tough-to-access submersible pumps complicated life and increased costs for maintenance workers at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, United Kingdom.

S&L's First Pump Station Still Pumping Strong After 65 Years

The name Smith & Loveless is synonymous with wastewater pump stations. After all, since opening its doors in 1946, S&L has shipped more than one pump station per day during its storied history. But volume doesn't just tell the story.

MO Town Discovers S&L Pump Stations "Run... Forever"

When Donald Gilpin thinks about how easy his Smith & Loveless pump stations are to maintain, he is unfortunately reminded of a more problematic time in the past when his town was saddled by submersibles.

S&L's X-PELLER® Solves Clogging Problems for CA Resort Town

The main culprit causing regular pump clogs in the year-round resort community of Big Bear City, Ca. is one that is seen way too often at collection systems across the nation: consumer flushables.

Perryville, MO Enjoys Safe, Above-Grade Pumping with Smith & Loveless

This City of Perryville, MO appreciates the above grade pumping approach provided by Smith & Loveless. From safety, to efficiency and performance, the Wet Well Mounted Pump Station is the preferred pump station in this Missouri town.

Scarborough, ME Wastewater Operators Discuss Ease of S&L Pump Stations

The sanitary district at Scarborough, ME appreciate S&L pump stations for their ease of use, safety and reliable service.

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