Beverage & Bottling Industry

Smith & Loveless has installed wastewater treatment systems and high-purity water filtration systems to control the various processing and environmental needs of the bottling industry. 

We have helped major soft drink, juice and brewery operations, to small, regional bottling facilities.

For wastewater, we feature our TITAN MBR™ Membrane BioReactor, which efficiently delivers superior effluent quality and opportunities for water reuse. Smith & Loveless also designs and builds a pre-engineered treatment plant and clarifier package that reduces high-strength wastes resulting from wasted batches and equipment sanitation. Smith & Loveless can provide a custom, Factory-Built ADDIGEST® plant that ships directly to your facility for immediate hookup and start-up. For larger flows, there is the Field-Erected ADDIGEST® or Model R OXIGEST®.

For the making of products, Smith & Loveless features the unique FIBROTEX® filtration system (rated as a fine filter).

This system can help protect the integrity of a reverse osmosis system as a pre-filtration component or potable water sources polisher. It offers numerous advantages, including space-efficiency, higher throughput and lower backwash rates and minimal operator attention.

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