S&L Headworks Advantage

S&L's commitment to market leadership in grit removal kindles on-going research and development, which leads to continued system innovations. S&L has developed numerous patented and exclusive components that further enhance the capability for complete grit removal, handling, and dewatering.

Headworks Success Stories

With nearly 50 years experience in grit removal, Smith & Loveless holds the distinction of having the most-specified grit removal system in North America.  Hear from those who know best... those who have operated our headworks equipment for decades.

Grit Removal Research Center

S&L's Grit Removal Research Center — the first of its kind in the industry — features a fully functional 4.0 MGD (1500 m3/d) Grit Removal System for the purpose of developing and demonstrating the latest technology in grit removal products. Come see it in person!

Grit Testing

Don't be mislead by unfounded stats and opinion.  Learn about certified grit tests, how S&L is advancing the science of grit removal and how the PISTA® stacks up against others. Grit The Facts is your source for the truth about grit and grit removal.  Period.

PISTA® vs. Stacked Tray

From lower purchase price & installation costs to lower annual energy fees, higher efficiencies and better performance, learn why the PISTA® Grit Removal System design is superior to stacked-tray designs.  The stacked-tray design just doesn't stack up.

PISTA® vs. Other Grit Removal Systems

Compare sloped floor systems, aerated grit chambers, detritors and velocity channel systems.  Look at the removal efficiencies of these competing systems and see the most specified grit removal system in North America is from S&L.

Grit Schools

Smith & Loveless conducts Grit Schools throughout the year, is home of the Grit Removal Resource Center - the first of its kind in the industry - and offers educational videos as well. Each of these resources are free! Take a look at all S&L offers in headworks education.

Q&A: Hydraulic Forced Vortex Systems

For wastewater treatment operations at municipal treatment plants and industrial sites, grit can be a major problem. If not addressed properly, it can gather in digesters, clarifiers, and aeration basins, requiring time-wasting removal by staff.

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