Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion

Is your traditional Complete Mixed Activated Sludge Treatment plant keeping up with today’s stringent effluent limits? Have you seen requirements change to now include denitrification? Build upon your treatment plant investment by installing a FAST® Retrofit Insert into your existing concrete or metal package treatment plant. Smith & Loveless’ After Market Division can also assist you by adding partitions and additional treatment zones (like anoxic and reaeration zones) within your existing tankage . . . no matter whether it was originally built by Smith & Loveless or another manufacturer — we can assist you.

By using FAST® Retrofit Inserts you can either increase the capacity of your existing treatment plant and/or increase the level of treatment. And by reusing your existing tankage, electrical connections and influent piping, you can realize significant savings over the installation of all new equipment. And on some municipal sewage applications, we can even drop the FAST® Retrofit Insert into the tank without having to drain down the tank.

If you plan to install a new concrete basin or order a new fabricated treatment plant, one of Smith & Loveless’ new equipment Municipal, Industrial or International divisions can assist you in sizing and specifying your system. Whichever you choose, Retrofit or New Smith & Loveless can help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

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