TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME™ Membrane Bio Reactor Retrofit

Engineered and pre-assembled in S&L’s quality-controlled factory, the TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME™ is a wastewater treatment system that is designed for insertion into any concrete aeration basin.
Containing robust, flat-plate TITAN MBR™ Membranes, the MEM-FRAME™ maintains high permeability and consistent flux. The frame is fixed to the tank and the membrane modules can be removed with no draining. Clean in place without plant interruption.
MEM-FRAME™ Components Include:

  • Membrane modules
  • Coarse bubble diffusers
  • Required ball valves
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Piping
  • Frame work
  • Blowers
  • Chemical clean in place
Flowsup to 190,000 GPD (715 cmd)
ModelsRetrofit Option
DesignBOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal
  • Best-Available Technology for new treatment plants
  • Superior effluent quality / potential for water reuse
  • Achieve complete nitrification
  • Gravity flow eliminates need for permeate vacuum pumps
  • No recycle between aeration and membrane zones
  • S&L offers significant process experience
PDF icon TITAN MBR MEM-FRAME™ Brochure687.78 KB

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