SCHLOSS® Mark CT™ Multi-Rake Bar Screen

Catenary multiple rake arm screen technology offers proven performance for small to large flow applications with large, bulky material. What separates the S&L SCHLOSS® Mark CT™ Catenary Bar Screen originates from our detailed engineering in the critical elements: exclusive chain design, superior component materials of construction, and rakes that combat problem flushables and large material.

By definition, the catenary style features less wearing parts than other kinds of bar screens because there are no lower sprockets. Combined with other S&L SCHLOSS® design features, the Mark CT™ proves to be the industry’s most durable.

Flowup to 75 MGD (3,288 lps)
SizingStandard or Custom
ChannelMin. 1' and larger (0.3 m)
Openings1/4" and larger (6 mm)
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SCHLOSS® Mark CT™ Multi-Rake Bar Screen
  • Precision S&L Schloss® engineering & assembly
  • Catenary design eliminates need for lower sprockets
  • Innovative chain limits articulation linearly
  • Heavy-Duty design provides superior durability
  • Special rake designs for flushable wipes & stringy material
  • Maintenance easily performed at floor level
  • Multiple options for enclosures & screenings

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