SCHLOSS® Mark CI™ Pin Rack Screen

Single or dual rake arm selection, precision pin rack assembly design, and customized system options make the S&L SCHLOSS® Mark CI™ Pin Rack Screen the cost-effective choice for efficient coarse screening for mid-size to large treatment plants and industrial applications with bulky material.

Designed to minimize submergence of moving parts, the Mark CI™ handles flows from 1 MGD (44 lps) to 100+ MGD (4380 lps). Materials can be discharged utilizing multiple conveying, compacting and washing options. An optional, patented telescopic arm ensures performance against large clogging objects. Multiple housing options ensure operator safety and protect against freezing.

Flowup to 100 MGD (4,380 lps)
SizingStandard or Custom
ChannelMin. 2' and larger (610mm)
Openings1/4" and larger (6.35 mm)
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  • Precision S&L SCHLOSS® engineering & assembly
  • Heavy-duty design yields robust performance for large flows
  • Standard & custom designs offer choice
  • Single & double rake arms
  • Rigid, telescopic, & articulated arms
  • Submersible motor enclosure option
  • Operator-safe, freeze-protection enclosures

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