IMF Protector

The IMF PROTECTOR™ System by Smith & Loveless provides a cost-effective ultrafiltration solution designed for small municipalities. The system features a low-foul membrane that provides an effective barrier to fine particles, including waterborne pathogens such as cryptosporidium and giardia achieving removal efficiencies of greater than 4 log.

The system’s Directflow process is designed to provide greater filtration efficiency than the traditional cross-flow processes used in other membrane systems because a greater percentage of the feed water permeates through its hydrophilic membrane. The Directflow process increases the finished water recovery rate by using a "dead-end" design. This design eliminates the reject loop and forces all of the water through the membrane’s hollow fiber lumen, forcing the filtrate to exit through a central permeate carrier. Eliminating the recirculation loop increases the system’s finished water recovery rate and decreases operating costs. This design eliminates the piping valve pumps and other ancillary equipment associated with cross-flow recirculation.

  • Directflow process that maximizes throughput and eliminates continuous concentrate water recirculation
  • Eliminates the need for recirculation tanks, pumps and air compressors required in other membrane systems
  • Simpler cleaning method
  • Offers higher level of virus removal than microfiltration systems

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