The Smith & Loveless FIBROTEX® IronMan™ filtration system removes fine iron and manganese for potable water derived from well water sources. FIBROTEX® technology combines an expandable-bed fibrous filter element and an integrated oxidation system with a PLC. This enables the fibrous filter both to efficiently backwash itself automatically when fully loaded with solids, and to achieve exceptionally fine levels of filtration. Significantly better filtrate and backwash efficiency with smaller footprint when compared to sand filters. The FIBROTEX® IronMan™ element lasts significantly longer than bag and cartridge filters.

Not only does the FIBROTEX® IronMan™ System filter iron and manganese, it is also ideal for treating Ground Water Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWUDI), because it also filters cryptosporidium and other microbial pathogens. The FIBROTEX® has been tested and Certified to ANSI/NSF International Standard 61. This powerful combination of filtration for iron, manganese, and microbial pathogens – in one system – makes Smith & Loveless’ FIBROTEX® IronMan™ System particularly useful for small towns that rely on well water sources.

Capacity100 GPM (6 lps) – 50 MGD (19,000 cmd)
Models AX5AX200 (Single to multiple unit config.)
Backwash3-5 minutes
  • Rated as a fine filter, filtering particles as small as 1-2 microns
  • Requires only 25% of the floor space of traditional multimedia filters
  • Significantly less backwash water rate
  • Fully automatic with PLC controls

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