STAR ONE™ Vacuum Prime Pump

Our vertical, close-coupled STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pump design meets the highest of standards that promote superior efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance, including the 10 States Standard for 3” (76 mm) solids. Its rugged design, featuring exclusive oversized, stainless steel pump shafts and bearings, will typically deliver service for more than 20 years with basic care. The STAR ONE™ construction streamlines access to the volute, impeller and seal merely by removing four to eight cap screws from the connecting motor adapter on the station base in just a few minutes without any spillage.

FlowsUp to 5,000 GPM (316 lps) per pump
Power10 - 300 HP (7.5 - 225kW)
Pumps4” - 12” (100 -300 mm)
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S&L Customer Spotlight - Big Bear City, CA eliminated clogs since 2013 with X-PELLER®

Strongest Pump Shaft - Smith & Loveless pumps boast the largest pump shaft in the industry. Larger shafts have less shaft deflection, which is a determining factor in the life of the mechanical seal.
Streamlined for Ease of Maintenance - Full access to the volute and suction elbow is possible by merely removing the capscrews and raising the entire rotating assembly.
Superior Mechanical Seal Design - Smith & Loveless vacuum primed pumps are equipped with a single bronze mechanical seal, which allows better heat dissipation and eliminates the need for a seal water filter system. Because bronze is a non-ferrous material, it prevents abrasive iron oxide from forming in the seal assembly. It also prevents seal pieces from rusting together and impeding maintenance. Smith & Loveless pumps are designed so that the mechanical seal can be accessed and replaced in less than 30 minutes. All seals will eventually wear out, but proper maintenance extends seal life up to 7 years on average.
Impeller Design - Equipped with heavy cast iron, balanced impellers. Impellers are custom trimmed for each application. Only vanes are trimmed; shrouds are left full diameter to prevent solids and stringy matter from accumulating around the shaft. The tight clearance between the impeller and front head minimizes recirculation, improving efficiency. The shaft and impeller bores are tapered for easy removal. 

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