I-SERIES™ Immersible Wastewater Pump

Smith & Loveless I-SERIES™ Immersible Pumps deliver peace of mind for end-users and owners where immersible protection is required or recommended. Available for new and retrofit applications in lift stations and wastewater treatment plant operations, these heavy-duty pumps can be immersed for up to three weeks in flooding conditions.

I-SERIES™ Pumps retain the same great features of the S&L Non-Clog Wastewater Pump, including oversized bearings and stainless-steel pump shafts, bronze mechanical seals for superior heat dissipation, close tolerances that prevent recirculation and a keyed and tapered shaft for positive lock and easy impeller removal. The result is decades of highly efficient pumping.

Designed to withstand 21 days at 30 feet (9.1 m) submergence.

FlowsConsult S&L
Power10 - 300 Hp (7.5 - 225kW)
Pumps4" - 12" (100-300 mm)
Immersion30' for up to three (3) weeks
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I-SERIES™ Immersible Pump by Smith & Loveless
  • Designed to withstand 21 days at 30 feet submergence
  • Low maintenance costs compared to dry-pit submersibles
  • Domestically produced and stocked spare parts
  • Few spare parts required
  • Fan cooled - prevents overheating associated with dry pit submersibles
  • VFD capable with 10:1 turndown ratio
  • Meets NEMA Premium Efficiency Standards
  • Easily upgradeable reusing volute and pump stand
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