Are the sun's harmful rays making it impossible to do your job?  Block them out with the SHADE AIDE® HMI Protector by Smith & Loveless.

SHADE AIDE HMI Protector How It WorksColor touch screens and black & white screens can be hard to see when the sun is beating down on them.  Over time, the sun's harmful rays can damage your HMI / MMI screens.  The SHADE AIDE® HMI Protector by Smith & Loveless blocks these harmful rays, allowing you to view your HMI screen in any weather condition.

The SHADE AIDE® comes completely assembled.  Simply match drill on the front of the control panel to the SHADE AIDE®'s installation template, install the gas tight sealing washers and sealing gasket when you install the screws and nuts.  The SHADE AIDE® collapses when not in use and is fully lockable.  It also protects your display from the harmful effects of constant UV ray exposure.  Start viewing your display - no matter how bright the sun!

The SHADE AIDE® works with other company's HMI displays too!

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SHADE AIDE® Fits Other HMIs Too!

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