PISTA INVORSOR™ Enhanced Vortex Grit Removal System

Inspired by extensive expert CFD modeling and developed rigorously in actual field conditions, the patent-pending PISTA® INVORSOR™ vortex grit removal system combines the power of proven particle capture methods: enhanced settling by inclined plates meeting a defined surface overflow rate [SOR] with the established hydraulic forced vortex grit removal process to achieve industry-best, ULTRA-FINE grit removal efficiency down to 75-micron particle size across all flows with no derating.

Compared to other fine particle grit removal systems, the INVORSOR™ delivers lower capital and operational costs, larger capacity in individual units, greater design flexibility for inlet-outlet design options, and a higher surface area-to-volume ratio to generate consistent fine grit capture during low flow, daily flow and peak flow conditions — up to 50 MGD in single units [190,000 m3/d].

How It Works
The flow enters the INVORSOR™ tangentially into the flat floor vortex zone. Here multiple forces, including centrifugal, radial and buoyancy forces, cause large, medium and fine grit particles moving along the chamber floor to separate from the flow stream into the lower grit storage hopper. The flow continues to the inclined cones in the upper chamber. There, the surface area provided by the inclined cones induces ULTRA-FINE particle removal. Intermittently, the PISTA® Grit Pump pumps collected grit particles to grit washing and dewatering components. The flow, with grit removed, exits through the outlet, which can be placed at nearly any direction during the design phase.

Unit Capacities0.5 to 50 MGD (~190,000 cmd)
ArrangementVariable inlet / outlet up to 360°
Removal Efficiency95% down to 75 Micron Particles
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Introducing INVORSOR™
  • Exclusive 95% grit removal efficiency down to 75-micron particle size for all flows: low flow, design flow and peak flow conditions
  • 95% grit removal maintained through S&L grit handling and dewatering system components
  • Lower total energy costs than all other grit removal systems, especially those which require continuous pumping and/or aeration
  • Ability to size systems based on flow or for desired cut particle size based on surface overflow rates (SOR)
  • Single unit capacity is up to 50 MGD, allowing for fewer units for medium and large flow applications, based on surface area
  • Variable inlet and outlet design flexibility provides numerous options for tight fits
  • Modularized, sectional inclined grit settling plates allow easy access for inspection and simple bi-annual spray-down if needed
  • QUICKSMART™ Touchscreen PLC Controls are optionally available

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