New WaveStart® Prime Sensing System Offers Fight Against Flushables

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

LENEXA (Kan.) -- Smith & Loveless announces the launch of WaveStart®, the enhanced pump prime sensing system designed to say hello to even faster and more reliable pump priming and wave good-bye to nuisance maintenance associated with flushables rampant in today’s wastewater collection systems.

This latest advancement in vacuum priming reflects Smith & Loveless’ on-going commitment to provide the clean water industry and its operators the safest, most efficient and most reliable wastewater pumping systems. Efficient pump priming allows wastewater pumping to be accomplished at ground level in a safe environment, eliminating confined space entry for all routine maintenance and inspection. 

Designed for its complete line of vacuum-primed, non-clog solids-handling S&L Pumps and EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations. Rags, strings, wipes, films, flushables and other debris do not prevent WaveStart® from sensing the pump’s prime status, making it the most reliable prime sensing technology on the market today. Priming speed is increased with a reaction time of less than 100 milliseconds or 0.1 seconds.

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