Efficient S&L Vacuum Priming with WaveStart™ Priming System

Efficient S&L vacuum priming allows wastewater pumping to be accomplished at ground level in a safe environment, eliminating confined space entry for all routine maintenance and inspection.  

Featuring proprietary WaveStart™ priming system, S&L Vacuum Priming provides the safest, most efficient and most reliable pump priming system to the clean water industry and its operators. S&L Vacuum Priming typically achieves prime within sixty (60 seconds) and stays primed indefinitely.

Equipped in its complete line of vacuum-primed, non-clog solids-handling S&L Pumps and EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations, S&L Vacuum Priming comprises three basic ancillary components: a 2-way solenoid valve, a separate fractional horsepower (Hp) vacuum pump, and the WaveStart™ priming system. 

Smith & Loveless’ newest advanced pump prime sensing system allows operators to say hello to even faster and more reliable pump priming and wave good-bye to nuisance maintenance associated with flushables rampant in today’s wastewater collection systems.

The WaveStart™ priming system features Multi-Variable Sensing™ which senses the wastewater profile and determines the pump prime status. Rags, strings, wipes, films, flushables and other debris do not prevent WaveStart™ from sensing the pump’s prime status, making it the most reliable prime sensing technology on the market today. Priming is achieved with a reaction time of less than 100 milliseconds or 0.1 seconds.

For explosion-proof requirements, Sonic Start® Streamline™ prime sensing utilizes frequency modulation to determine pump prime status and initiate priming within 200 milliseconds or 0.2 seconds. Proven in thousands of installations, Sonic Start® Streamline™ provides reliable prime sesnsing. 

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