Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

Contaminant levels and toxic constituents in a facility's wastewater can create toxins and other wastes that seep into precious groundwater sources.  But not on our watch!

Biological wastewater treatment of contaminated groundwater sources is a more frequently utilized option for complex applications. S&L has worked closely with refineries to provide working solutions to groundwater contamination problems.

Smith & Loveless also assists refinery projects with sanitary wastewater and stormwater handling, including pre-engineered wastewater treatment systems and above-grade lift stations. Our TITAN MBR™ Membrane BioReactor system, biological treatment plants and container systems can be tailored to specific effluent goals, including water reuse. Addtionally, our above-ground Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations provide space and cost-efficient pumping solutions for handling sanitary wastewater and storm water around the facility. With the equipment all above-grade, confined space issues are eliminated and worker safety is emphasized.

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