TITAN MBR MEM-BOX™ Membrane Bioreactor

The TITAN MBR MEM-BOX™ is an upgrade option available that can double plant capacity while also reducing costs. 

TITAN MBR MEM-BOX™ features a compact design that facilitates insertion into the existing plant with minimal changes to the existing plant structure while doubling plant capacity. It is designed to insert into a plant’s existing aeration basin (concrete or steel), making it more cost-effective than designing and constructing a new plant.

Its clean-in-place method reduces operating costs and requires less chemicals and operator time. Other features of the TITAN MBR MEM-BOX™ are its robust design that helps prevent breakage experienced in alternatives and its production of higher flux rates over the life of the membrane.

The design improves effluent quality dramatically, providing potential for water reuse. Complete nitrification is possible.

The TITAN MBR MEM-BOX™ is the ideal Membrane BioReactor (MBR) retrofit for package plants as well as concrete basins.

FlowsUp to 190,000 GPD (715 cmd)
ModelsRetrofit Option
DesignBOD, TSS & Nutrient Removal
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System Components

  • TITAN MEM-BOX™ with S&L V-Crimp design
  • TITAN MBR™ Membrane Module(s)
  • PLC controls
  • All required valves and piping
  • Recycle pump
  • Chemical storage tank
  • Air supply for scouring
  • Technical support during design and start-up phases
  • Installs inside existing structures
  • Engineered and pre-assembled in S&L’s quality-controlled factory
  • Compact design allows insertion into any aeration basin, concrete or steel
  • Exclusive, S&L V-Crimp tankage coated with VERSAPOX® epoxy coating
  • Contains robust, flate-plate TITAN MBR™ Membranes
  • Maintains high permeability and consistent flux
  • Clean in place without plant interruption

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