EVERLAST™ Rectangular Recessed with Earth-Insulation & Dual Hatch Entry

Smith & Loveless Inc.’s above-ground wastewater pumping stations pave the way for end-users to reap the benefits of robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realized savings—verified by decades of successful installations.

S&L’s next generation EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations perfectly embody this philosophy. Featuring the top S&L innovations, new looks and enclosures, convenient package options, and leading warranty protection, EVERLAST™ is designed to provide you a long, successful pumping life.

Rectangular Recessed

Packaged Large-Capacity WWMPS
2-6 S&L Pumps (in Parallel or Series)

FlowsUp to 1,300 GPM (82 lps)
TDHUp to 158' (48 m)
Power1.5 - 50 Hp (1.1 - 37 kW)
Pumps4" - 6" (100 - 150 mm)
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First 2 EVERLAST™ Above Grade Wastewater Pump Stations Ship

X-PELLER® Non-Clog Impeller

Exclusive S&L single-port impeller design proven to prevent pump clogging; effectively expels high volumes of consumer flushables.  Read more >

RAPIDJACK™ Quick Clean Check Valve

S&L check valve design that simplifies valve access and any unclogging in just minutes. Read more >

DUROLAST™ Stainless Steel Baseplate

Popular station baseplate upgrade made of 316 and/or lean duplex series 2100 stainless steel. Backed by 25-year warranty protection.  Read more >

STATIONCOMM™ Pump Monitoring

Remotely receive updates, monitor and control pump station functions via cell phone text messaging direct with your station.  Read more >

Take Control of Your Pump Station

Delivering simplified operation yet powerful pump station control, QUICKSMART™ Station Controls provide unparalleled ability to monitor and adjust all of your pump station functions. A new layout makes control modifications, screen navigation and viewing of pump station status easier than ever, with screen function buttons and a status bar acccesible from each screen. Added features take station controller functionality to new levels. Like a new maintenance log feature, which displays periodic recommended operation / maintenance instructions and makes lubrication suggestions based on actual pump run times. Or improved help/troubleshooting support and a new I/O Status screen that displays controller digital and analog I/O status.
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