Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ for Clarifiers

S&L's Green+GreenMobile Organic Biofilm™ process represents the next generation in emerging biofilm technology, featuring completely renewable and patented bio-carrier media that delivers ballasted clarifier settling in a smarter, more cost-effective green approach.

Once added to the clarifier, the high effective surface area media circulates freely through all treatment and clarification zones promoting biological growth and improved settling. In the WAS line the biofilm media is retained with basic automatic screening and re-circulated. Progressive addition of media allows for future increases to capacity without the need for additional tankage!

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Process Diagram

The Green+GreenMobile Organic Biofilm™ media process applies to virtually all bioreactor-secondary clarifier process schemes. Introduced into the bioreactor, the all-natural biofilmmedia moves freely through all treatment and clarification zones, promoting diverse biological growth with its high surface area. In the WAS line the biofilm media is retained with basic automatic screening (supplied as part of the process) and re-circulated to the bioreactor tank.

Mobile Organic Biofilm™ Clarifier Settling Demo

Green+Green™ Biofilm Media Advantages

Mobile - The biofilm media circulates freely through the entire treatment and clarification zones, with no special aeration or in-basin screening requirements. 

Organic - By replacing petroleum-based biofilm media with an all-natural and renewable lignocellulosic plant stock readily grown in North America, your treatment system’s carbon footprint is dramatically reduced while receiving significantly higher effective surface area than common non-organic media. 
Biofilm - Because the high-surface area biofilm media is continually mobile through all treatment zones and clarification, it promotes a diverse growth of microorganisms effective for nutrient removal and enhanced clarifier settling.  

Enhanced Clarifier Performance

  • Expand capacity of existing basins
  • Enhance settling properties
  • Lower TSS levels for higher effluent quality
  • Reduce SVI for higher effluent quality
  • Combat High Infiltration / Inflow (I/I)

Enhanced Settling

The chart at right compares the SVI of sludge from a conventional activated sludge process versus sludge from a Green+GreenMobile Organic Biofilm™ process.

The superior settling rate of the Green+GreenMobile Organic Biofilm™ versus typical activated sludge is illustrated at right. The left cone in each image is the activated sludge sample, while the right cone is the sludge sample from the Green+GreenMobile Organic Biofilm™ process. The left image is at the start of the test. The right image is after 30 seconds has elapsed.

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