S&L Introduces Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ Process for Enhanced Clarifier Settling

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Process represents the next generation in emerging biofilm technology, featuring renewable and patented biocarrier media that delivers ballasted clarifier settling in a smarter, more cost‐effective green approach.

LENEXA (Kan.) – The new Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ for Enhanced Clarifier Settling process offers Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) and treatment plants a simple and environmentallyadvanced way to cost-effectively expand clarifier capacities while potentially reducing chemical usage.

The Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ process incorporates patented organic bio-carrier media designed to be mobile and circulate freely between treatment and clarifier zones. This promotes diverse biological growth, floccing and ballasted particle settling, which allows facilities to expand existing capacities without new capital construction and related costs.

The patented bio-carrier media is derived from a renewable lignocellulosic plant fiber, making it an ideal green solution compared to conventional biofilm petroleum-based carriers. Treatment facilities can also replace polymers used for clarifier settling with a naturally renewable, organic media that is continually recycled. Because of its high absorptivity and effective surface area, the Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ bio-carrier media will solve typical clarifier needs like reducing high SVIs for higher effluent quality, mitigating sludge bulking, high Infiltration / Inflow (I/I), and solids wash out.

The entire process is cost-effective and simple to implement. The biofilm media is retained in the WAS line with basic automatic screening. Additional aeration or in-basin screening is not required like other conventional biofilm processes. The media is packaged and readily available from Smith & Loveless for progressive addition, allowing for simple and cost-effective capacity expansions in the future without the need for additional tankage

Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ for Enhanced Clarifier Settling is the first product to emerge from a strategic alliance between Smith & Loveless and RF Wastewater/Nuvoda LLC announced in September 2017. S&L will introduce additional applications for IFAS/MBBR and Granular Biomass in the future.

For more information on the innovative new clarifier-enhancement technology, download S&L Brochure #4101, visit the S&L Product Page, and watch the Clarifier Settling Comparison Video on S&L’s Youtube Channel.


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