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S&L Pump Schools

Throughout the year, many Smith & Loveless representatives hold S&L Pump Schools at their office or another local establishment to help keep engineers and operators in tune with the latest pumping developments and operational procedures.
To nominate your area for an
S&L Pump School,
Jodel Wickham
913-888-5201 x 206
Pump School Preview
2015 Pump School Schedule
Coming Nov. 2014...
A typical Pump School covers these important topics:

Wet Well Mounted Pump Station (WWMPS)

  • How They Work
  • Mechanically & Electrically
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Features

Underground Pump Station

  • How They Work
  • Bubbler System Trouble Shooting & Maintenance
  • Mechanical Seal Installation & Removal
  • Check Valve Maintenance
  • Air Compressor and Pressure Gauge Adjustments and Repair

Maintenance & Repair

  • Mechanical Seal
  • Check Valve
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Impeller

Pump Hydraulics

  • How To Read Curves
  • How to Calculate Total & Static Head
  • How to Determine Existing GPM

I-Series™ Immersible Pump

  • Features
  • Control Schemes

Pump Station Controlers

Model S Conversion

  • Bringing Your Older Station Up to the Latest Standard

SONIC START® Prime Sensor

  • Advantages
  • How to Install in Various Control Schemes