TITAN MBR QUBE™ Wastewater Treatment System

The TITAN MBR QUBE™ is a complete, factory-built, packaged wastewater treatment system featuring a compact design for simple shipping and mobility. Equipped with the same TITAN MBRtechnology that has made S&L an industry leader in pre-engineered treatment systems, the TITAN MBR QUBE™ provides simple, economical and efficient plug and play treatment in a much smaller
footprint than conventional treatment systems. The TITAN MBR QUBE™ is a 40-ft long cube shipping container; delivered directly to the job site, minimal assembly required.
Operation is simplified with the benefits of S&L Flat-Plate membranes:
  • Superior effluent quality (reuse)
  • Durable membrane construction
  • No permeate pumps
  • No daily cleaning cycle
  • No air integrity testing
  • Low energy usage

Superior Effluent Quality

The TITAN MBR QUBE™ produces superior effluent quality, of less than 3 mg/l BOD and 1 mg/l TSS, exceeding the most stringent of standards, including California Title 22.

Model Flows
5 2,500 - 6,500 GPD
(9.5 - 24.5 cmd)
10 5,000 - 13,000 GPD
(19 - 49.5 cmd)
20 7,500 - 20,000 GPD
(28.5 - 75.5 cmd)