PISTA® Turbo Grit Pump

Smith & Loveless’ rugged PISTA® Turbo Grit Pump is the only pump in the industry exclusively designed for pumping grit separated from sewage. The PISTA® Turbo Grit Pump is available in both top-mounted vacuum-primed and remote-mounted flooded-suction configurations. Equipped with a Ni-Hard volute and Ni-Hard recessed impeller mounted completely out of the flow path of the abrasive fluid, the PISTA® Turbo Grit Pump also features a heavy-duty, solid, stainless steel shaft, heavy-duty bearings and mechanical seal, and it comes available in 4” and 6”( (100 and 300 mm) piping arrangements.

Sizing 4” & 6” Sizing (100-300 mm)
Capacity Up to 500 GPM (31.5 lps)
Horsepower 1.5 - 100 HP
Type Vacuum Primed & Flooded Suction